Reinvent consent with Enroll.

Enroll is our innovative, patient-friendly electronic informed
consent and patient enrollment system for clinical trials.

Mytrus is pioneering patient-centered technologies that enable people to participate in clinical trials in a better-informed and more convenient way. Enroll has been independently proven to improve a patient's understanding of research studies and is currently being used by leaders in the pharmaceutical community to Reinvent Consent™.


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Enroll enables more cost-effective clinical studies that start and finish faster and provide better information, in real-time, for sponsors, sites, and patients. At a time when bringing a drug to market can cost up to $1 billion, Mytrus provides precedent-setting solutions for pharmaceutical and device makers eager to find more cost-effective ways to conduct research while improving the patient experience.
Enroll is a gateway technology that allows critical disclosure information to be condensed into an easy-to-understand, digitized format using animation, interaction, and visual imagery. Patients can interact with the app, marking terms and concepts that they want to discuss, completing easy to use knowledge assessments, and providing regulatorily compliant signatures to indicate their consent.
for Sponsors
  • Dashboard view of real-time, de-identified study data
  • Site summaries and statistics
  • Improved patient retention
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Ensures required signatures
  • Consistency across all sites
  • Reduced monitoring costs

for Clinical Studies
  • Quicker study starts
  • Streamlined patient enrollment
  • "Zero-loss" paperwork
  • Real-time enrollment statistics
  • Electronic signatures
  • Satisfies IRB, QA, and ethics concerns

Superior Comprehension* for Patients
  • Better understanding of risks and benefits
  • Evaluated comprehension
  • Improved learning through animation and visual imagery
  • Multiple language support
  • Clear and easy study explanation

* Independent validation study conducted by California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute using Enroll.

It's time for a change.

The informed consent process has not significantly changed since the legal inception of the Common Rule over 30 years ago. While clinical research has been significantly impacted by technology such as electronic data capture systems, clinical trial management systems, and other automation tools that make the clinical trial process more efficient, a gap has emerged as the informed consent step has remained a highly inefficient paper process that leaves many patients feeling more confused than informed and many sponsors feeling left in the dark as to what is happening at trial sites. As a technology innovator, Mytrus has changed all of that.

"Mytrus has developed a product that makes the cumbersome, but critical, process of informed consent simple and efficient for patients and offers sponsors and regulators new opportunities to collect and track important informed consent data analytics."

- Frost & Sullivan

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