Find and engage patients
wherever they live.

Clinical trials need patients, and patients need clinical trials. Mytrus helps you find patients anywhere in the world and introduces them to your study. Reducing the non-scientific requirements of clinical trials makes it easier to reach these patients. If patients can live anywhere, understand the details of the study before they consent, make fewer site visits, and have the convenience of remote data entry, they are more likely to participate in a study and to provide high quality data.

Mytrus technology is made for patients.

It's hard to enroll a study with patients that are interested, able, and eligible. Once patients find your study, don't let technology hurdles bog them down. From electronic informed consent to reporting data at the end of the project, we want patients to love our products enough to use them every day. The patient experience with a new pharmaceutical product begins when they first hear about the research and lasts well beyond their active involvement in the research. Even after a study is completed, patients want to know how it went, what the findings were, if or when the product will come to market, and whom it will help. Patients make the research possible, and we owe it to them to find easy, engaging ways for them to become true partners in the research process.

Patients sign up, set up, and
supplies are delivered to their doorstep.

Bringing a patient to a site visit just to review consent information or resupply medications creates unnecessary cost and hassle on many studies. Mytrus has created unique methods for secure communications, identity verification, and investigational-product shipping to patients at home. Our process, approved by the FDA and close to 40 local and central IRBs, is in use in states covering most of the US population. Patients love the convenience, and sponsors have found they receive BETTER information about distribution and dosing when patients are more closely connected to the research.

Better site technology means patients
get the information and attention they need.

Mytrus Enroll™ provides a tool for patients to learn the details of Informed Consent and creates an environment for a more focused and productive conversation with study staff. Sites can also use the technology to review enrollment details, print consent documents, manage amendments, and review comprehension trouble spots. Less time and hassle, more comprehension and tracking — what's not to like?

The data were always there.
Now you can see them.

Mytrus study dashboards are designed to help you manage patients and learn what's happening on your study as it's happening. Wouldn't you want to know about an adverse event or a dosing compliance problem the day it happens instead of six weeks later when the patient finally has a site visit? With integrated text messaging, adverse event coding, patient reminders, and lots of pre-validated CRFs and patient diary forms, our system has a host of innovative patient and engagement tools ready for you to plug into your study. Combining daily source-data entry from patients themselves with better tracking tools for sites and sponsors, Mytrus products represent a whole new stage in the evolution of eClinical technologies.