June 8, 2011

Mytrus Launches Pfizer Trial

(San Francisco) -- Mytrus is excited to be a part of this revolutionary new clinical trial method. Lots of news agencies decided to cover the press release about this first-of-its-kind study we're doing with Pfizer.

See a few of them below:

Wall Street Journal

Original press release


ABC News

About Mytrus

Founded in 2009, Mytrus is a privately held e-clinical technology company specializing in patient-centered electronic informed consent and data collection tools. After receiving the first FDA approvals for remote electronic consent and virtual data collection, Mytrus has gone on to develop new technologies for patients including ePRO and EDC tools usable from home and mobile devices, bio-sample consent tracking technology, site training and e-learning applications, and patient home dashboards for tracking clinical study progress and data. Mytrus also holds an exclusive patent for conducting virtual clinical trials in the US. Mytrus investors include BioClinica and inVentiv Health.

Learn more about Mytrus at http://www.mytrus.com or find the company on Facebook and Twitter @mytrus.


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