June 20, 2011

Mytrus Secures Exclusive Rights to Clinical-Trials Patent from Boston University

(Boston/San Francisco) -- Boston University and San Francisco software firm Mytrus today announced an agreement for Mytrus to purchase the exclusive rights to BU’s patented method for more efficiently managing clinical trials remotely over the Internet from a single coordinating center.

The 2007 patent, "Method For Conducting Clinical Trials Over the Internet," covers critical aspects of a clinical trial such as recruiting and consenting patients online, distributing experimental products to patients, and managing clinical data over the Internet from a primary, remote site. Mytrus will have exclusive rights until the patent expires in 2017.

"This patent is critical for Mytrus as we further our mission to make studies more efficient by bringing clinical studies directly to participants in their homes," said Dr. Steve Cummings, Mytrus co-founder and CEO. "Securing the patent helps us solidify our competitive advantage as a company and assure our clients that their studies are protected."

Mytrus is pioneering techniques in clinical research to find, consent, and treat patients remotely from a single site. This method makes it possible for patients to participate in important research studies regardless of where they live. It also helps drug and device research companies run more cost-effective studies that start and finish faster. In an industry where the cost of bringing a drug to market is estimated to be over $1 billion and a decade of clinical study, efficiencies and innovation are critical.

"Reducing the cost of clinical trials is an important factor in controlling healthcare costs," said Jonathan Jensen, Director of Business Development at Boston University. "Using information technology to carry out some components of clinical trials is a step in that direction and one that the market and regulatory environments appear ready for. We believe Mytrus has the people and vision to make this happen. We’re pleased that the work done and the intellectual property generated at Boston University by Dr. Tim McAlindon and Karim Kabbara will contribute to Mytrus' mission."

About Boston University:

Founded in 1839, Boston University is an internationally recognized institution of higher education and research. With more than 30,000 students, it is the fourth largest independent university in the United States. BU contains 17 colleges and schools along with a number of multi-disciplinary centers and institutes which are central to the school's research and teaching mission.

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About Mytrus

Founded in 2009, Mytrus is a privately held e-clinical technology company specializing in patient-centered electronic informed consent and data collection tools. After receiving the first FDA approvals for remote electronic consent and virtual data collection, Mytrus has gone on to develop new technologies for patients including ePRO and EDC tools usable from home and mobile devices, bio-sample consent tracking technology, site training and e-learning applications, and patient home dashboards for tracking clinical study progress and data. Mytrus also holds an exclusive patent for conducting virtual clinical trials in the US. Mytrus investors include BioClinica and inVentiv Health.

Learn more about Mytrus at http://www.mytrus.com or find the company on Facebook and Twitter @mytrus.


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