January 12, 2015

ARCH Chooses Mytrus e-Consent System as a Standard for Grady Memorial Clincal Research Center in Atlanta

Enroll™ system will improve patient comprehension and provide minority communities better access to information about clinical research.

Davis, CA (January 12, 2015) - Mytrus, a clinical innovations company with a range of patient-friendly electronic Informed Consent (e-consent) products, has signed an agreement with ARCH Clinical to integrate its innovative electronic informed consent technologies with ARCH’s newest hospital-based clinical research center Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.

Founded five years ago, Mytrus has become a leader in innovative e-clinical technologies with a focus on accessibility and usability for patients in clinical trials. The company's flagship product for direct to patient (D2P) trials was first deployed by Pfizer in 2010 in the industry's first clinical research study allowing patients to participate entirely from home. Since then, Mytrus has worked to develop a pioneering line of new patient-focused products for electronic informed consent, patient data collection and research results reporting on clinical trials.

Under the agreement, Mytrus Enroll™ will be the program of choice for the new clinical research program at Grady Memorial Hospital, scheduled to begin operations in mid-February 2015. ARCH and Mytrus plan to apply this ethical approach at Grady Memorial Hospital as the footprint for a new operational model in clinical research. As part of the agreement, ARCH and Mytrus are equipping the research center with technologies and privacy rooms for electronic informed consent where patients can sit comfortably and use the Enroll™ system.

In addition to enrollment in the Hospital setting, ARCH will utilize Enroll™ in connection with its nation-wide, multi-city Health, Education, Advocacy and Learning (H.E.A.L.) initiative, which has a special focus on providing minority communities better access to information about clinical research.

"Informed Consent is a critical yet often confusing and misunderstood part of the clinical trials process" said Mytrus Co-Founder and CEO Anthony Costello. "This first-of-its-kind partnership with ARCH aims to standardize electronic consent throughout a clinical research center so that all patients can utilize a simplified learning tool to review complicated study information before they consent to participate."

"This will help us explain to our community the process, risks and benefits of participating in clinical trials. Our hope is that through better comprehension will come greater adherence, retention and acceptance," added Julius Spears, ARCH Director of National Accounts.

In an independent scientific study, researchers gained empirical evidence that using Enroll™ can significantly improve patient comprehension of clinical research materials by patients.

Atlanta-based ARCH has established centralized research centers in both public and teaching hospitals. The H.E.A.L initiative is being conducted in collaboration with a national non-profit healthcare organization.

About ARCH Clinical:

ARCH (Academic Research Centers and Hospitals) creates opportunities for hospitals to realize their potential in the clinical research arena. ARCH develops a turnkey centralized research office in both public and private settings, and then introduces the new study site to industry, focusing on clients’ therapeutic strengths and demographics.

About Mytrus

Founded in 2009, Mytrus is a privately held e-clinical technology company specializing in patient-centered electronic informed consent and data collection tools. After receiving the first FDA approvals for remote electronic consent and virtual data collection, Mytrus has gone on to develop new technologies for patients including ePRO and EDC tools usable from home and mobile devices, bio-sample consent tracking technology, site training and e-learning applications, and patient home dashboards for tracking clinical study progress and data. Mytrus also holds an exclusive patent for conducting virtual clinical trials in the US. Mytrus investors include BioClinica and inVentiv Health.

Learn more about Mytrus at http://www.mytrus.com or find the company on Facebook and Twitter @mytrus.


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